Latest Challenge to the Affordable Care Act

King v. Burwell, the Latest Challenge to the Affordable Care Act Published March 30, 2015 On March 4, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act. The main issue at stake in King v. Burwell is whether subsidies for health insurance plans purchased through a marketplace established by the federal government violates the law. [...]

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Affordable Care Act – Transition Relief/Who Qualifies

ACA Transition Relief and Who Qualifies Published March 03, 2015 To ease into the employer shared responsibility (ESR) provisions of the Affordable Care Act that went into effect this year, the government has established some transition relief. Here’s a look at the transition relief that may be available for qualifying employers. More Time for Small Employers Applicable [...]

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Health Care Reform – Employer Shared Responsibility

Get Answers to Your Concerns about Employer Shared Responsibility Published February 24, 2015 As employer shared responsibility (ESR) provisions are going into effect this year for applicable large employers (ALEs), many businesses are finding there's not just one approach that works for everyone. They are wondering what information they need in order to determine their status throughout [...]

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